Lindsay SINGLETON, MARKETING.  photo: Lacey Seymour Photography

Lindsay SINGLETON, MARKETING.  photo: Lacey Seymour Photography


Dory spends a lot of time giving advice and telling other people what to do, but who’s keeping her in line? Fortunately, there is a badass boss lady who does just that. It’s exhausting work, but someone has to do it. 

Marketing & Event entrepreneur by day, Lindsay always encouraged her Mom to write a book, start a blog, or do anything to stop riding her ass about something. Knowing the important role Office Moms played in her own career, coupled with expertise from her day job, the brand, website and photography are Lindsay's vision. 

When immersed in wedding planning and frustrated by the barrage of never ending Etsy DIY projects for Lindsay's big day, Dory yelled, “let’s just throw more money at it," and so they did. It didn't break the bank, and the result was a creative, fun wedding weekend remembered coast to coast. Lindsay took that whole money spending sentiment to heart when she suggested “Go big or go home, Mom” as it pertained to building the YOM brand and so they did.  Bless the child who remembers Mom’s words of wisdom and still finds time to help her live the dream. Quid pro quo.

Inspiration for Your Office Mom

One morning while drinking a skinny vanilla latte and reading an advice column, Dory disagreed with a response to a query posted by a young professional. After yelling "WHAT THE HELL" and scaring the dogs from a sound sleep, she decided that was the proverbial straw. After ranting for a while (one of her stronger traits, second only to her knack for giving advice, solicited or otherwise) she decided it was time she shared insights from her successful career with the younger generation. That sparked conversations with her daughter and soon after the launch of Your Office Mom. Dory's peers, and Lindsay and her friends always valued Dory’s “cool mom” approachability,  non-judgmental attitude and keen insight. That moniker follows her to this day. Her practical, down-to-earth vibe is informative yet fun. In other words, she knows what’s going on, she can be one of the crowd (albeit the oldest) but still knows how to dress for her age.