This is Why You're Going to Multiple Interviews Before You Are Hired

Dear Office Mom,

Why do companies today make you go through 4+ interviews before making their decision?
— Irritated

Dear Irritated,

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I understand your frustration. The hiring process does seem like you’re jumping through fire hoops to get hired. But, why?

The cost of recruiting, interviewing, hiring, training and retaining employees is significant. Consequently, a company may choose to have panel interviews, or a series of interviews with their top candidates. Feedback from multiple sources allows the company to make better hiring decisions. There is also a greater emphasis on soft skills, collaboration and teamwork these days, so multiple interviews often yield insights into whether a candidate is a strong cultural fit.

As a candidate you might want to consider yourself lucky to have an opportunity to interact with these leaders, managers and team members before you decide to join the team. You need to be just as picky about where you want to work, as a company is about who they hire. I hope this helps. And, good luck!



originally published on Quora