Should You Allow Toxic Team Members to Work from Home?

Dear Office Mom.
Would you offer working at home to a toxic employee even if it meant they may stay longer at the job?
— LT

Dear LT,

NO! Yes, I am shouting.  A toxic employee is a performance issue that needs to be addressed, not ignored. It’s not fun to deal with, but granting work from home status would be perceived as an undeserved perk to other employees and piss them off. Managers need to man or woman up and partner with their boss or HR to send a clear signal that the toxic behavior isn’t acceptable (or encouraged). WAH shouldn’t be a consolation prize. Meet with the employee, discuss specific examples, and explain why it’s important to modify their behavior. Document it all, create an action plan. monitor the situation and follow-up regularly. Just by starting this process you may see a quick exit if the if the employee doesn’t want to change. I hope this helps!



Originally published on Quora