How to React If You Find Out the Boss is Monitoring You?

Dear Office Mom,
I found out my manager has been keeping a log of all of my time away from my desk. What do I do?
— Spied Upon

Dear Spied Upon,

If you don’t want to lose your job, quit leaving your desk so much. It’s not unusual for an employer to check your entry/exit from the building especially if someone comes in late or bolts early. There must be a perception that you’re up and about too frequently and your peers may have mentioned it, but obviously someone noticed.

I suggest you start tracking your movement yourself. Make a notation when you are on the move (date and time) and what you’re doing (talking to coworkers about work, going to meetings and so on). This way you police yourself, recognize if you need to stay in your chair more and have your own data should your boss or HR want to have a little chitchat. I hope this helps!



Originally published by Quora