How to Ask Your Boss to Be Your Mentor

Dear Office Mom,
Would it be okay to ask my manager to be his intern as a manager and keep my current position at the same time?
— Curious

Dear Confused,


In this situation, “intern” is not the correct terminology. You would want your boss to be your mentor and you are the “mentee” in this relationship. Take the initiative to ask! Before you do however, read about mentoring online. And, figure out your approach. Know what you’re going to say.

Let your boss know you’re interested in developing managerial skills and increasing your knowledge. It might also be helpful if you had an idea of some of the things you want to learn and why they might benefit your boss and you. Your boss is busy so if there isn’t a formal mentoring program, it will take some work on his part to figure out the what, when and how. You can help with some of that by doing some research and having some ideas. and answers before you make your request. I hope this helps. Good luck!



Originally published on Quora