When Your Partner Has an Affair with a Coworker Should You Contact HR?

Dear Office Mom,
Should I expose my husband’s affair with a coworker to their HR department? It happened on company time and money.
— Scorned

Dear Scorned,

Absolutely not! I don’t understand why anyone would try to sabotage their spouse’s job even if they are committing adultery. What’s the point? Sad to say, but married people have affairs all the time. It happens. If it’s not a coworker it’s someone else at a different place of business, or the friend of a friend. I don’t condone it, just stating the truth.

Some companies may have a code of conduct prohibiting relationships or engaging in illicit activities in the office from 8–5 pm, but unfortunately no one seems to care unless the relationship and/or actions specifically and directly affect the business, as in sexual harassment allegations or loss of business.

If you are hellbent on exposing your husband AND his coworker think before you act. Only proceed if you are not dependent on your low-down cheating husband’s paycheck, insurance benefits, future child support, investments or anything else you can think of from a financial standpoint.

Otherwise, determine other ways to deal with this emotional situation. You may want to see an attorney, counselor, therapist, support group or lean on family and trusted friends (away from work) to get through this betrayal.

I understand what you’re going through, but consider the consequences of this act of vengeance. I hope this helps!



Originally published on Quora