Can I Work In a Breakfast Area of A Hotel at Night While I'm a Guest?

Dear Office Mom,
Is it rude or not okay to spend a couple of hours at night working on my laptop in the breakfast area of a hotel? It is an empty area with a lot of tables and I don’t leave it a mess. I am staying here for the next week and I have work to do.
— Guest
Image Credit:  Pexels

Image Credit: Pexels


There is nothing wrong with what you are suggesting! Go for it. I have worked in hotel the breakfast area or other common areas on many occasions. Usually these areas have enough lighting and plenty of tables so don’t stay in your room if working in that area helps you feel better and you feel more productive. Sometimes visual and audio stimulation is a good thing…and looking at 4 walls, a window overlooking the parking lot, or having a roommate just doesn’t cut it! I hope this helps!



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