If You Are an Introvert, Here Are the Best Tips to Nail a Job Interview

Dear Office Mom,
What are some tailor-made tricks for introverts to nail job interviews?
— Introverted

Dear Introverted,

Image Credit: Pexels

Image Credit: Pexels

It’s not tricks in my opinion, but about research, preparation and practice. Know the company and the job well. Prepare questions you might ask and have bullet points about your accomplishments and other key talking points. There’s nothing wrong with referring to notes during an interview. It doesn’t mean we aren't telling the truth or we’re not qualified for a job. And, finally practice interviewing! Have a family member or friend do mock interviews so you can practice and learn “tricks” to ace the interview. You can find common interview questions online and practice with those.

I hope this helps! Whether you are looking for a promotion or moving to a new company, these tips will be helpful: 6 Ways to Compete for Internal Jobs.



Originally published on Quora