If You Drink Alcohol Before Work Will Your Boss be Able to Tell That You Are a Little Drunk?

Dear Office Mom,
Will my boss know if I go to work a little drunk?
— Tipsy
little drunk.jpeg

Dear Tipsy,

Um, yeah. If the boss has drank alcohol before she/he can likely pick up on the subtle signs of “a little drunk” and your coworkers as well. Using substances at, or before work, or lingering intoxication from a binge night is rarely transparent. And, your definition of a “little drunk” may translate to “quite drunk” because as you may know, some people don’t realize the effects, or like to minimize how much they drink and how it changes their behavior.

So as not to be remiss here, please consider whether you have an alcohol problem or abuse it. I don’t know what your work hours are, but if you’re starting your day with drinks, that’s a sign that needs attention.

I hope this helps. Take care.



Originally published on Quora