How You Can Stay Connected When You Work from Home

With so many women choosing to work from home or start their own business- how would you recommend staying connected but not being obsessed with only work? Co-working is not preferred as I feel it doesn’t make me any more productive or creative.
— Anon Y-mous

Hello Anon Y-mous,

I feel comfortable saying I understand your perspective after my successful stint working from home over the past decade. I don't believe I am "obsessed" with work, but I do find working from home often results in more hours, more stress, and starting a business is a significant effort, all of which can seem obsessive to others.

Here are my suggestions, all of which means discovering your end game and being deliberate in your actions:

I get the co-working thing, and if that's not your thing, that's okay. However, sometimes, we make assumptions about the concept from a limited perspective or a single experience. Sometimes you have to look for the "right" place, with the "right" vibe, so don't completely shut the door on that one without some reflection and research, if you can pay the rent.

At home or in a shared space, you need to get out and about. So, stop and think about what is important to you. Is it to pursue an interest like the arts or be involved in the community? If so, explore volunteer opportunities, or check the events calendar and be deliberate about attending a few. Or, are you looking for more time with friends? Reach out and try to schedule a recurring day and time for lunch, drinks, dinner, coffee, or an outing, with your favorite people. If you want to feel less isolated, but independent, leave the domicile and work at a coffee shop, a park, or the library a couple of days a week.

In the world of work, we hunker down, meet deadlines, and know what's next. Try to be just as deliberate in the "life" part, and that will help immensely.