How Perception Affects Customer Interactions: "No Problem"

Dear Office Mom,
I say “No Problem” a lot in my job. When a customer thanks me I say “No Problem.” Some customers seem to have a problem with my response, almost always it’s older customers. Why is this perceived as offensive? And do I need to worry about it?
— Problem Child

Hi PC,

At one time it irritated the hell out of me when someone replied “No problem” when I said, “Thank you.” The sarcastic thought in my head being “well I would hope it was not a problem since I’m giving you my money”.  But, I realized there wasn’t any malicious intent, it was in fact, a generational thing. And, just because I perceived it negatively that was my issue, not the other person’s issue. And I was the one who needed to deal with it.  So, I see this as just a sign that people need to adapt. That being said, should you worry about? Only if your brand's customer demographic thinks you should worry about it. As in are you dealing with a lot of "older" customers who are more traditional? If not, keep giving great service to your customers. If you want to work in a “My pleasure” every once in awhile for good measure, go for it. :)