Try this Tip to Contact a Hiring Manager

Dear Office Mom,
What’s your opinion about sending my resume and cover letter to the hiring manager after submitting it online? I did some searching and found the name and contact info. Is that against the rules? I really want this job!
— Jennifer

Dear Jennifer,

Sending your resume might irritate the hiring manager if they’re a stickler for following the rules, or if other candidates have done the same. These days with online recruiting software and processes in place, most hiring managers don’t look at resumes until top candidates make the cut, and they like it that way. Here’s what I suggest instead.

First, check your connections and ask around to see if anyone can contact the hiring manager on your behalf. If you have that “in”, offer to send a couple of bullet points for a conversation or an email. If that doesn’t pan out,  rather than send your resume, I think a safer, more appropriate approach is to email the hiring manager and express your interest. Mention you submitted your resume, but wanted to let him or her know of your interest. Give it your best shot. In no more than three or four concise bullet points explain why you’re a qualified candidate and a great fit. Best of luck!

--Your Office Mom