4 Ways to Reduce Employee Absence and Improve Productivity

All good businesses run on the strength of their staff so it’s a big problem if people are absent all of the time. It’s perfectly normal for people to get ill from time to time and that’s not really anything to worry about. But if you start to notice that it’s happening more often and it’s slowing down productivity, you need to do something about it. Reducing employee absenteeism is one of the most effective ways to optimize your small business. What a lot of people don’t realize is that a high rate of absence is usually a direct result of something that you’re doing wrong in the workplace. That does mean that there are solutions though, which is always good news. Here are some of the easiest ways to cut down on employee absences in the workplace.

Analyse Absences

Before you start looking at ways to cut down absences, you need to see if you can work out what’s causing them in the first place. Track all of the employee absences and see whether there are any patterns. Are people suffering from a lot of the same health problems or are you seeing a lot of sickness around busy periods? By looking at these patterns and identifying some of the potential causes of absence, you’ll be able to start coming up with better solutions.

Better Working Hours

People are more prone to illness if they haven’t rested properly and they’re stressed. Overworking your employees is also likely to increase the chances of mental health issues related to stress. That’s why working your employees too hard is going to reduce productivity rather than increase it. Keep an eye on your employees and make sure that they aren’t working too many hours. It’s also important that you encourage everybody to take all of the holidays that they’re entitled. They’ll be far less likely to get sick and they’ll be a lot more productive while they’re in the office.

Keep The Office Clean

A dirty office is going to be filled with germs that can easily cause illness, which is why keeping the office clean is so important. Make sure that you’ve got good commercial cleaning services coming in on a regular basis to give the office a once over. On top of that, you need to encourage good hygiene amongst your staff. Make sure that everybody is keeping their own desk area clean and not leaving food out etc. You also need to pay extra attention to the communal areas, particularly the kitchen, where it’s likely to get dirty often.

Speak With Employees

If employees are absent regularly, you’ve got 2 ways of dealing with it. You can respond negatively or you could see it as an opportunity to help your employees improve their working life. Speak to them and ask whether there is anything that is causing their absence and whether there is anything that you can do to help.

If you can cut down on employee absence, your office will be a lot more efficient and your staff will be a lot happier.