Nailing Your Resume: Top Tips For Getting Your Dream Job

Being in a job that you hate is nothing short of a nightmare, especially when you spend most of your week in the workplace. Even if the people that you work with are really nice, the job doesn’t feel easier to do because you’re in a role you don’t feel you can flourish. Do you want to know a secret? You don’t have to feel like that - at all.

Just because you have a job, doesn’t mean that you should necessarily feel grateful for it. No one deserves to waste an ounce of their time doing something that doesn’t make their soul sing. You deserve a job that’s going to appeal to your ambitions and make you feel like you’re accomplishing something, whether you choose to work in agriculture like the jobs you find when you click here, or working abroad under the visas that you can find here. You need a role that’s going to make you excited to wake up in the morning, and you need a killer resume to help you get there. Below, you’ll find some of the best tips to helping you to land that dream job that you always believed was out of reach.

Get Interactive

Your resume does not just have to be printed on good paper and handed out. Everything is going digital these days, so choose to add your resume online on social media and if you want to be really impressive, add QR codes to your resume so that the prospective employer can scan it and find your online resume and LinkedIn profile!

Format Is Your Friend

Black and white is professional - and boring. Add some formatting to your resume and you can make yours stand out. Go with a colour scheme and add headings and paragraphs as well as bullet pointed lists. You need your resume to catch the eye.

Use Space Wisely

No employer wants to read a thirty page, comprehensive resume. They want short, sharp details that will help them to understand you better. Keep the size of the writing uniform and use plain English and not elongated words to ‘impress’.

Keywords Are King

The person who is looking at your resume is going to scan read it for keywords. Think about how the keywords jumped out at you from the job description and use those in the main body of your resume so that you can catch their eye.


You need to have more than one resume. If you’re going for different roles, your resume should make sense for each job description. Don’t forget to edit it to suit different requirements and impress a variety of employers advertising your dream role.

Make your resume the one that’s going to sit on top of the pile and get you the job that you deserve. Don’t wait around, either. Your dream job may not be around for very long and the sooner you apply, the faster you will be able to gain the role you want.