How to Make Your Company More Open to Change

Sometimes your company is on top of the world; at others, it’ll look around and wonder what happened, and why they’ve been left behind. While you can’t always prevent the latter feeling from taking hold, you can sometimes keep it at bay. It’s all about how you view your company. If you insist on forever having a tight grip on the direction, then you might find that hard times come more frequently. Conversely, if you can be open to change, and embrace it, then you’ll be able to move with the times. Here’s how you do it.

See What the Future Holds

If you’re waiting for the future to arrive before you see how you’re going to adjust, then it’ll already be too late. While you should be keeping a firm eye on the here and now, the other should be on what’s coming up ahead. If you’re aware of the world that’s just around the corner, then you’ll be able to position your company at the forefront. Plus, while you can’t affect the direction of the world, it won’t feel like you’re being dragged somewhere you don’t want to go if you have all your own pieces in place.

Release Your Potential

There’s every chance that there are bags of trapped potential in your company, and it’s about time that it’s released! We’re talking specifically about your employees, who are likely filled with good ideas, but who don’t always speak up or have the platform to execute those ideas. Jozef Opdeweegh argues that a flat organization can help release potential because it removes the layers that may prevent an employee from speaking up. From your end, it’ll be easy to be open to change if their ideas are verifiably good for your business.

Get Experimental

Now, you shouldn’t experiment with your core services. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, as they say (though you should be keeping them updated, of course). However, looking beyond your core services, why not look at adding services to your offerings? You can usually do so in a risk-free, safe manner. If success starts to come, then you’ll know that being open to change will benefit your company.

Stop Convincing Yourself You’re Right

The problem with business owners is that they tend to tow a fine line between confidence and arrogance. They can be so sure of themselves that any opposing views just get shot down. As a result, they might miss out on good opportunities! So if you’re normally just convinced that yours is the one right opinion, it might be time to listen a little more.

Taking the Brakes Off

There’s a chance that the most successful companies don’t ever change anything radical about their business, but just tweak them as time goes by. While this is generally a good idea, sometimes you’ll be pushed into another way of thinking - if you’re at risk of being left behind, then you need to be willing to “take the brakes off” and see how far your company can go.