Tidy Home Office, Tidy Mind - Decluttering Tips for Better Productivity

Image Credit:  Unsplash  under Creative Commons

Image Credit: Unsplash under Creative Commons

The saying goes, ‘tidy home, tidy mind’, and if you work from home, you’ll know how much this saying is true. It’s difficult to concentrate when your surroundings are chaotic, while a cluttered, messy office could lead to mistakes and carelessness.

If things have got out of hand in your home office, then perhaps it’s time for a clear out. Need some help? Take a look at the following decluttering tips for your home office to help you boost your productivity.

Go paperless

Most modern businesses are run online, so why bother with paper? Cutting down on how much paper you use will be better for the environment, save you money and help you keep your office organized. Start by sorting the paper you’ve got, scanning important documents and then investing in a cloud-based system to keep everything safe. There are good tips you can follow to go paperless at home and in the office to start you on your decluttering journey.

Create some space

Home offices are often small, which can make them feel a little boxed-in or claustrophobic. Do you need as much furniture in there as you have now? By keeping your office simple, with a desk and a chair and perhaps some built-in drawers, you can give yourself the space you need to think and breathe. You can sell or donate unwanted furniture, or if you’re not ready to part with it you can look at canningvalestorageunits.com.au to find a storage solution. Painting your home office a nice, light color could also help your space look and feel bigger, giving you room for those creative ideas to develop.

Establish a regular clearing up routine

If you tend to leave things lying around your desk or leave empty coffee cups and water bottles everywhere, you can help yourself keep things clear by having a 5-minute tidy up at the end of each day. Put all of your non-essentials in their rightful home and give your desk a wipe down too. It’ll help get you ready for a productive day to start the next morning with a clear desk.

Put your plans in front of you

A wall planner is a great addition to your home office. A wipeable, carefully laid out board can help you make plans for the week ahead and visualize your work better. This is an effective way to help make working at home work for you, and will stop you having those to-do lists pile up on your desk. With your goals for the day laid out clearly for you to see, you’ll be much more likely to achieve them.

Working from home can be a great way to develop your own business or enjoy working freelance. It’s important to get your space right to ensure the most productive day, so why not start today? A bit of decluttering can transform your home office, ready to help you knuckle down for the hard work to come.