Foolproof Tactics to Boost Productivity No Matter Your Work Environment

In the modern day, there are more distractions than there ever has been before. Employers face a big challenge on their hands if they are to keep productivity at an optimum level. No matter whether you run a retail store or an accountancy office, you will want to make sure that productivity levels are high. But how can you make sure that this is the case? Read on to discover some suggestions that can be implemented across all industries and work environments.

The first thing you need to do is determine what the biggest distractions are in the workplace. Here are some of the biggest culprits.

Checking emails

When at work a lot of people tend to communicate with friends and alike via email. This offers them an easy way of doing so without being caught. After all, most employees need to have their emails open for work purposes anyway, and so the urge to check personal messages is one that many can’t fight.

Social media

There is little denying the phenomenon that is social media. This is undoubtedly one of the biggest productivity drainers at present. Research shows that of those workers who have Facebook over 75 per cent check their account during work. For some, this equates to spending approximately two hours on the site. From Twitter to LinkedIn; there are many social media distractions, so you need to find ways to prevent this.

Surfing the net

It is not just social media websites which are catching employees’ attention. Workers say that they visit non-work related sites during office hours. For most women, the reason for surfing stems from that uncontrollable urge to do a bit of online shopping. For most men, they simply cannot fight their need to check up on the latest sports news.

By getting to the bottom of where the biggest distractions stem from, you will be better placed to put some effective measures in place.

Use the latest technology

Another way for you to boost productivity levels at your business is to ensure that you are making the most of the latest technology. Be careful, though, as this does not mean that you should simply invest in technology because it is new. You need to make sure it is actually going to benefit your business. A feature-heavy point of sale for small businesses, which is easy to use, can be a good choice, as it will enable employees to work more efficiently when making a sale. You need to identify clear benefits before making a purchase.

In conclusion

As you can see, boosting productivity is a mixture of identifying where your team’s energy is being drained and ensuring you have the right tech in place to help your team fulfill their potential. If you follow the suggestions above, you are bound to notice some improvements. When it comes to the distractions, really take your time to think of effective ways to beat them! Don’t merely tell your employees to stop it. You don’t want to create friction.