The Best Ways to Boost Business Productivity in 2018: Explained

Boosting your business productivity and squeezing as much as you possibly can out of the working day is a must if you want your business to thrive. But just how do you go about boosting your business productivity in 2018? We explain it all below!

Say No To Procrastination

Procrastination is something we’re all guilty of from time to time. Social media is a huge drain on productivity and can cause serious procrastination, as can continuously checking emails. Having set times for these things instead (when you’ve got some real work done) will mean a more productive day overall.

Ensure your team know that they should avoid this at all costs, too. Bear in mind that there’s a difference between them having a well earned break and procrastinating. You could implement software on their computers that blocks certain sites or tracks what they do, but this could easily cause resentment, so you have to be careful.

Multi tasking should also be discouraged. It may feel like more is being done, but in reality, it’s probably slowing your business down.

Start Using Project Management Tools

Using project management tools in your business can help everybody to save time. Back and forth conversations at desks, for example, can mean losing a lot of valuable time trying to get on the same page. Instead, using a platform that allows your team to communicate easily and remotely can help them to stay up to date and complete tasks more efficiently. Just a few examples of software you can use include Basecamp and Asana.

Automate As Much As You Possibly Can

As well as using project management tools, automating your business as much as you possibly can will save a lot of time and money in the long run. For instance, you could start by automating your social media campaigns and email marketing. You can even automate your sales and lead gen efforts these days. Using managed IT services can also be a big help and stop your business from experiencing too much downtime. Figure out what will benefit your business - if you have an employee doubling up as your IT guy, for instance, then you should probably change this.

Make Meetings Count And Cut Out Pointless Meetings

Having pointless meetings is something you’ll see many businesses do - although the scary thing is, many don’t realize just how pointless they are! Meetings should be short, sweet, and have a point. If you can use a piece of software to inform everybody what is going on Instead, or even hold a Skype meeting, that could work better than getting everybody in in person.

Don’t Try To Be Perfect

Every business makes mistakes, and making mistakes can be a good thing providing you learn from them. Perfectionism could actually be getting in the way of your productivity. Sometimes you need to give yourself, and your team, a break. Forget the idea of perfection and remember that ‘good enough’ is enough.

How will you start boosting your business productivity this year? Let us know below!