Learning To Navigate Your Credit Report

Credit is a word we hear a lot when we grow into adulthood but not all of us really know what it truly means for us. Credit is anything we spend and any loans we take out during our lifetime are recorded on a credit history which we can access at any time to see what debt we are in and how we can get back on track with our finances. If you have never looked at your credit history, here’s what to expect.

Your history

Your history of credit will be a list of every form of credit you have ever taken on during your lifetime. It could include mobile phone contracts, student loans, cars and credit cards. It will show you a full account of you paying off these loans on time and will allow prospective lenders to take a look and decide whether they trust you to pay them back if they lend you money.


It speaks for itself that as well as any successful transactions, your credit report will also include the bad side. If you have ever come into debt for whatever reason, your credit report will show this to you but it will also show any lenders. This can of course be an issue if you ever want to take out a loan such as a mortgage so when you see these debts, make sure to take some action.

Late payments

As well as showing debt your report will also fly up any late payments you have made to a loan. This does take your score down a little but you can check up for how long do late payments stay on credit report to see how long it will apply for. If you have any outstanding late payments make sure you pay them now.


When you see your credit history in front of you it will either tell you where you are going wrong or where you are going right. It is important to use your report to better your life and learn how to budget properly for it. Take on board any debt you have and find a way to budget your weekly living costs to free up money to pay off your debt. The sooner you can do this the better your report will be and the better your prospects will be in the future.

Improving your score

If you ever want to get a car or a house you need to work on improving your credit score as soon as you can by using your report. Pay off any debt and late payments you have to start with and this will give you a nice clean slate to work on. You can use low credit credit cards to help you pay off small amounts and this will increase your credit score over time allowing you to do what you want to do in life. Make sure to try as many things as you can to get back on track and where you need to be.