A Sweet Business Idea? Make a Living Selling Candy!

The thing about sweets and candy is that it’s always going to have an audience. It’s something that’s enjoyed by both children and adults, and while you’ll have booms in your business during special occasions, it’s something that will sell all year around. Hoping to start a sweet selling business? Here’s what you need to consider

Image sourced from Pexels.com

Image sourced from Pexels.com

Find your niche

It’s important for every business to find their niche and work out their unique selling point. Will you be selling retro sweets? Customisable candy? Hampers and gift boxes? A candy business fits well within the gift market, as it makes an easy present for just about anyone. However, this could always be just a small part of your business, perhaps you could run a sweet shop but put together hampers for special occasions. Work out what it is that makes your sweet selling business special and unique, that way you can stand out from your competitors and it gives your customers something new and interesting.

Decide on the right packaging

There are so many different directions you can go in when it comes to packaging. You could create ‘bouquets’ or ‘trees’ using sweets and chocolate. You could package things into sweet cones, boxes, hampers, buckets- whatever suits your USP and brand. You could even have bespoke packaging designed, this would be useful if you were creating your own sweets and chocolate. If your store is going to primarily be targeting the gift market then it’s important that your packaging looks beautiful and impressive.

Keep an eye on the calendar

Since candy will be bought most often around public holidays, you will need to ensure you’re adapting to this. On mother’s day, pretty pink hampers filled with luxury chocolates and other lovely things that mums will like will sell well. At Christmas, you could create a range of baskets for different price points and age ranges. At Easter, any kind of Easter or chocolate filled hamper is sure to be snapped up. Keep an eye on the calendar, and ensure you’re preparing plenty of products ahead of time. And then market effectively, social media marketing is free and is something you can do yourself from your Facebook business page. Be sure to take beautiful pictures of the products, and be responsive to any questions.

Attend the right events

Things like candy can easily be purchased on an impulse, and so attending the kinds of events that get a lot of foot traffic will often result in a lot of sales. Fetes and fairs, markets, even car boot sales are all excellent places to set up a stall. Be sure that the price is right, and you’re sure to grab people’s attention walking by.

Selling candy, whatever form you choose can be a fun business to run. You get to be creative and it’s something that makes people happy! It can be done from home with relatively few startup costs.

Have you ever considered a business selling candy?