Working From Home In Harmony

Working from home never usually happens in harmony. Instead, it seems to happen in complete chaos for those that have a young family. For those of you who are young and don’t have a family to rely on, working from home is usually hindered by the fact that your bed will be calling you every second of the day, and it would be so easy just to climb on in it for an hour or two. But, you must resist! You can easily change the way that you work from home, and make it so much more harmonious and interesting. Because we will admit that when you’re stuck at home working on your own all day, it can be hard to stay motivated. You have no colleagues around you to talk to, and it can all get rather boring! But, enough focusing on the negatives, let's focus on how you can truly work from home in harmony.

Stop Worrying About Your Home

Ok, so the biggest distraction when working from home is your home. All you can think about are the little things that might need doing around you, or even the fact that you’re noticing the big things around you that might need changing. It can be a nightmare that you’re trapped in, if you let yourself stay trapped in said nightmare. What you could do, is think about some of the issues, and resolve them on the weekend. The more you think about perfecting your home during work time, the less work you’re going to get done. When it does come to the weekend, be productive and actually get the issues fixed. One issue that a lot of homes have is a shortage of water, or extortionate water bills. How could you easily solve this? You could think about looking at water tanks to have in your bank yard. You can get absolutely huge ones that will give you an endless water supply as long as the rain keeps falling. You can then rely on this water to bring your bills down during the winter, and to give you plenty of water during the hotter months and the water shortages. If it is to do with the fact that you hate your outdated decor, then this issue is slightly harder to ignore. Luckily for you it is a lot easier to fix. Just one day a weekend could see your interior decor completely changed. So, the main point here being that you should definitely save all of your home dirty work for the weekend!

Stop Being So Lazy

If you work from home, nine times out of ten you’re lazy. But why wouldn’t you be? You don’t necessarily have to throw yourself out of bed in the morning and get ready for work. You don’t have to impress anyone, and it’s just so easy to generally become a slob. Although you might still be working, you’re not working in the way that you once used to! So, the first thing that we would advise would be to set an alarm around an hour before you intend to begin working. Snooze it once or twice if you wish, but you should get up within plenty of time. Then, have a wash and wake yourself up first and foremost. A cold wash is advised as it gives a splash of energy that a warm wash just doesn’t seem to do. Now, you’ll feel a bit more energised, so go and have some breakfast and watch some morning TV. If you’re a coffee drinker, then definitely don’t forget to have your morning coffee. Then, get dressed and brush your teeth, and sit down at a table or desk to work. The last thing you should do is sit in bed to work. The temptation to switch the TV on, or even just to slump down for a quick nap will be too much! As long as you follow these rules, you should be able to have a more productive day. It’s the people who don’t seem to have a wash until it is passed mid day that never get much done. They say that if you get up and get ready as if you were going to work, it actually puts you in the mindset to really go and work!

Enjoy The Work You Do

Ok, so it’s bad enough sitting in an office doing absolutely anything but what you would want to do, so how horrible is it when you’re at home, with a million and one distractions around you. Just getting up to do the work is hard enough, let alone actually doing it. So, if you’re going to be self employed, or however you might be able to work from home, you need to make sure you’re doing something that you actually love. Something that gets you excited at the start of a day, and satisfied at the end of the day. To do this, you would just do what you have done with any other job you’ve taken. Do a bit of trial and error, and see what you like about different jobs. Eventually you’ll find one that you can do from home, actually enjoy, and make enough money from it to live the life that you want to live.

Make Use Of Regular Breaks

You’re at home!! Who is going to notice if you start to take some regular breaks? You’re not as structured as you would be if you were in an office, and you have no one breathing down your neck asking you what you’re doing. So yes, you can take a couple of extra breaks. We’re not saying that you should take an hour break every other hour. But, once every hour you should definitely take a five minute break and get up and do something. It switches your mind from the mode it has been stuck in, refreshes it, and then makes it a hell of a lot easier to concentrate when you do actually come back from your break! It really is a trick that we think a lot of business offices are missing. Staff would just be so much more engaged if they were to have more regular breaks!