The Business Life: Spare No Expense When You're Jet-setting

Business isn’t all about long nights, worrying about profit margins, dealing with customers and clients, trying to keep everybody happy etc. in fact, when you become a business leader, your entire life changes. This is something that not many people realize and the majority are prepared for. Why would you be, you’re used to working a 9 to 5. Yet, now you’re your own boss and everything rests on your shoulders alone. You have to be ready and willing to travel to other countries for a range of reasons. No matter how small in comparison, each business trip is done for a reason; to grow your business. A business owner that will not even step outside the borders of their own country, will never secure the best deals, make the most contacts and spread their name all over the world. This sounds like you’ll be travelling a lot by commercial jet, and needed to buy food, clothes and perhaps more while on the move. That’s exactly right, once you become a business owner and become successful enough to warrant frequent flying abroad, you’re part of the jet set business class.

In the air, but always available

If you fly from the US, to China or from Germany to Australia, you can expect to be in the air for 8 hours or more. That’s a long time in the business world. You should make yourself completely available during these hours to your own employees such as the managers, directors and executives, but also your clients. If you get to be a big figure in business, you may even need to be contacted by journalists to do an interview. This is why you should keep a business phone on your person when you are working. Keep your personal phone with you but you should have one that is purely dedicated to business only. There are business phone contracts and SIMs for business-only lifestyles and people who need them. These are designed to give you a lot of call time and for use all over the world which is important for charge rates.

Put it on the business account

Many airlines will have the frequent flyer air miles deals for those that need to use their services a lot. Well, business credit cards can be used for travel expenses to pay for your flights, hotel rooms, dining and much more. The more you use the credit card, the more points you earn and thus you can be rewarded for your constant loyalty to the company that issues you the card. These kinds of credit cards are incredibly useful as they have the ability to have an amount of credit that can be hundreds of thousands of dollars. Since it is being used for expenses, large amounts are needed which gives you peace of mind when you’re abroad trying to secure a deal. You won’t ever have to worry about carrying cash, as you can put it on the business account.

Jet-setting is part and parcel of becoming a successful business owner. You have to be willing to fly over oceans and thousands of miles of land to get to your clients and secure a business deal. However, this means you need to start living this life well and do so practically with a business credit card and a business phone.