What To Remember About Management

It’s time for you to stand up and take charge - with a bit of preparation, management can come very naturally to all of us. ( Source )

It’s time for you to stand up and take charge - with a bit of preparation, management can come very naturally to all of us. (Source)

Would you consider yourself a good manager? Are you always ahead of the game, with eyes in the back of your head? Do your team trust you, and go to you whenever a problem arises? Do you simply know you can take on whatever the work day throws at you, setting an example for anyone in your staff who is watching? Maybe you’re not as confident as the latter statement would require, but can you comfortably take on the other queries?

Whether you’re about to take on a promotion to a more senior position in your current workplace, or you’re just trying to get the family altogether for Thanksgiving, these are a couple of things you’re going to need to keep in mind if you don’t know the first thing about management.

Set Clear Goals with a Clear Timeframe

If you’re trying to be a good manager, then you’re going to need a proper schedule to run a tight ship by. In business, you can’t take proceedings day by day, and you’re never going to be able to plan accordingly if only focus on one day at a time. Sure, in life we’re taught otherwise, but you need foresight if you’re trying to become a good manager for the time below you.

You’re going to need to know what you have to accomplish by the end of the week, and who exactly you need working on these tasks. You need to factor in their work schedules against the amount of time a certain task is going to take etc. When you have a flowchart like this, you’ll be much better at setting realistic goals that’ll take the company forward. And if you have trouble with this, feel free to look into some management skills training, where time keeping and deadline appreciation can be gained in abundance.

Recognise the Work Someone Does

Rather than what they achieve at the end of it, that is. Your team like to know their voices are heard, and that you recognise their skills and talents for what they are, rather than what they can make for you. Without your team, you wouldn’t have anything to manage, and it’s this kind of power balance you need to maintain well.

So be sure to congratulate someone on their initiative, be sure to tell them you were impressed by the way they handled a certain situation, point out the qualities they showed off that day at work etc. All these statements can count towards a positive working environment, and you being looked up to as a manager that holds your team’s best interests at heart.

If you’re going to be a manager in the near future, or you already are and want to be better at your job, be sure to keep basic principles in mind, above all else. You can do this!