How To Treat Your Ideas With The Respect They Deserve

As an entrepreneur, your ideas are the most important asset at your disposal. They are real money-makers and have the ability to take you from zero to hero. The self-employed understand this better than anybody.

Ideas come and go. The neurons in the brain trigger throughout the day and provide creative inspiration. It’s the ubiquity of the thoughts which is usually a business woman’s downfall. Because there’s too many, it’s tough to remember them all. Good ones go in and out like water going through a sieve.

Entrepreneurs should realize ideas are billion-dollar opportunities and need treating with respect. Here’s how.

Make A Note

Don’t let it drift away into the ether. Once the thought leaves your head, it’s hard to get it back again unless you have a Sherlock Esque mind palace. Most mere mortals don’t, so those first few seconds are essential in remembering. All you need to do is write down on a piece of paper or type it into your phone. As long as there is a hard copy, the note will jog your memory and get the creative juices flowing again. If you have to, write it on your hand and keep it moisture-free until you can transfer it.

Flesh It Out

Writing it down is the first step, but it’s only the beginning. To give your idea the best chance of blossoming, you should flesh it out and turn it into a bona fide plan. There doesn’t need to be any real specifics at the start; as long as everything in your head is on the page, you can research later. Make sure you jot down the name and a small yet detailed description. You can even add a sketch (it doesn’t have to be good) to make it feel real. Creating a mind map is always a powerful tool which stimulates the brain.

Release It To The World

There are numerous forms of communication today. You can go old school and use billboards and face-to-face meetings to get your point across. Or, there are plenty of social media platforms. Hey, it might even go viral. The great marketers use a selection of cross channel communication for the best results. Not releasing it at all is a slap in the face to your hard work. Not only is developing an idea accessible now, but it’s able to reach a whole new audience. The result might be extra interest in your designs.

Never Tell Anyone

The ultimate betrayal is to tell people about a plan before it’s in action. Without a copyright or trademark agreement, they can develop it and make money. And, the worst thing is they don't owe you a cent. Everyone likes to validate their ideas before they go live but it’s important to know it’s dangerous. The best thing to do is to try it and accept rejection if it comes your way.

Do you treat your designs with respect? Are you going to in the future?