Making Your Home Business Seem Bigger

The most valuable assets of a business include its brand and reputation. We currently live in a time where some companies only exist in the virtual world. Our digital presence can create a much bigger impact than the actual size of our company would warrant. However, the perception of a bigger company helps to add authority to your position and increase consumer confidence. Here are some top tips to help your company appear bigger than it might actually be.

Social presence

Spend some time and effort working from home by focusing on your social media accounts. Two companies can have the same amount of turnover, but the one with 1,000 followers will appear like a bigger company than the one with 100 followers. It can also have a snowball effect and help to generate awareness of your brand and bring in new customers. The same applies to LinkedIn. Increase your connections as much as possible to help increase awareness and appear bigger.

A lot of potential customers now turn to social media as part of their due diligence, so ensuring you are not only active and relevant in your market, but also having the right tone for your company, will help them to make a decision on whether to work with your business.

Be busy

Never make yourself too accessible. You don’t want clients to think you’re just sitting around waiting for them to call. Be busy with another project occasionally. When communicating by e-mail don’t forget to reference your assistant. This shows your customers you are concentrating on the bigger tasks and that you know how to delegate.

Be as visible as possible

Look into speaking at industry events and writing your own blog posts or articles. Sharing your knowledge will help you become a thought leader in your specialty and build more authority and trust.

Present yourself in an appropriate way

Whether it’s your website or your marketing material, both can paint an important first impression of your company. A professional looking website that is informative will be better received than a site with a horrible color scheme and littered with spelling mistakes.

Your marketing material is another important indicator of how serious you should be taken. Spending a little extra on quality can make all the difference about how your business is perceived. Both your website and marketing should use quality images, as they can create an impression before a single word is read.

Don’t use an e-mail address with a generic provider. You should always use an e-mail address that is your name at your company URL.

Encourage happy customers to leave reviews

If anyone Google’s your company name, they will see a star rating and reviews. While you have little control over these, you can encourage happy customers to share their experience on review sites to help increase your credibility.

The world is your oyster

The digital world gives us the ability to have virtual headquarters, a variety of phone numbers, and many other useful resources that weren’t available to us 10 years ago. Use them all and your business will seem much bigger.

It is possible to compete with the big boys on a modest budget, so why not do just that?