You Can Work from Home, but Can You Be a Boss from Home?

It takes a change in mindset and a lot of initiative and self-motivation to be able to start a business and to work from home. If you do it right, you will see the kind of success that has you quickly growing beyond your initial plans. When that time comes, you have to expand, which often includes hiring new team members. Is it time to find yourself an office, or could you still be a boss from home?

What is remote working?

Your primary option when considering running a team from home is hiring remote workers. This means that your employees, like you, work from home. This is mostly done thanks to the fact that the internet makes it a lot easier to communicate, share resources, and even use the same tools as your colleagues across the globe. There are significant benefits to using remote workers, as well. First amongst them is that you don’t need to pay nearly as much for hardware and office costs.

Find your tools in the Cloud

The revolutionizing force that is transforming remote working is the Cloud. The Cloud isn’t only used to store data as was once the case. Now it can be used to share software with faraway team members as well. Using popular Cloud software suites like Office 365 for Business means that your team members can use all the most widely used office and admin software without having to download it. They can get all their work done online and share it much more easily through a Cloud-based network. This also means that you and your team’s work can be done from a range of different systems, so long as they still have access to the net and the account details to log into the suite.

Managing from afar

Skeptical business owners often have an adverse reaction to remote working or any kind of flexible workplace. The idea is that if you give employees an inch, they will take a mile and get no work done. Studies into remote working have largely shown this to be untrue, but it’s an understandable concern. Online time management tools that allow you to set key performance indicators and measure your employee’s productivity are becoming a lot more common, now, however, meaning it's easy to see when someone is struggling and needs a little prod to get on with it or some help.

Stay in touch

Communication is crucial in the business and without the face-to-face, you may wonder just how engaged your team is. However, workflow communication tools like Slack are making it much easier to not only communicate but to keep an eye on what work everyone is doing and how different individuals and teams are collaborating on projects. Combine that with a weekly online meeting via webcam and it’s easier than ever to engage those you have never physically met.

Remote working is becoming a mainstay in the modern business community. More tech solutions are being built to help equip, communicate with, and manage employees without a face-to-face. This means your home business could see the growth it needs while still remaining a home business.