Fitting All Your Tasks Into the 5 to 9

Yes, the 5 to 9, rather than the other way around. When you’re an up and coming wannabe entrepreneur, and you’ve got the idea for a product or service of your own, there’s a good chance you’ve not quite managed to establish your own company yet, and you’re still working for someone else at the same time. This leaves you with little time for other activities, especially being able to relax, seeing as you’ve got such big ambitions for your career and the heights you want to reach.

So you work in the evenings on a side hustle, hoping one day to take it on full time. But in the here and now, you might be struggling to get all of your tasks done by the end of the day. So let’s examine a couple of the best things you can do to make sure you’re getting at least the majority of your work done, and you’re putting yourself in a good position for the day’s work tomorrow.

Focus On What’s Important

You have priorities within your entrepreneur lifestyle, but you still have responsibilities outside of it, and these are hard to keep up with when you have to assign an order of importance to what you need to get done day by day. You want to focus mainly on the desktop tasks, such as writing out emails and making phone calls, as well as keeping your website updated or churning out new content for your developer blog. Either way, when you’re spending a good four to five hours in front of the computer, other parts of the office begin to let you down.

Even just the little things, like making sure the office you work in is clean and tidy, can get demanding on your time and energy. For example, if your home or side business has managed to bring in a couple of employees, filling out the space and turning your home into a corporate center, finding out the pros of using a cleaning company are going to transform the space you work in!

Get into the Habit

Don’t worry if it seems like you can’t get a grip; it won’t last. It may seem difficult at first, but once you’ve completed something every day for a week or so, you start to form a habit around it. And these are habits you want to develop and hold onto.

You start training yourself to use templates, so you know what to say and when to say it, as well as being able to file away a report or tap out an email within a few minutes. And once that’s a skill you have down to an art, you can truly focus on setting out a proper work schedule.

Remember, you can learn how to fit your work tasks into the few hours you have to work on your own company, with this kind of time keeping skill keeping your business operating until you can properly focus on it.