Boosting Productivity in Your Office

When you run a small business, productivity is crucial to your success. Whether you have a small staff working for you, or you work on your own out of a home office, working productively is key to your success. Without it, you can waste time, flounder around unable to focus or concentrate. You might struggle to get things done. You can quickly lose focus, and if you’ve got staff, they will follow. Wasting time in a small business can mean that you lose a lot of money and that your company does not make the strides forward that you need it to.

Working productively means that you get more done. It can improve focus and morale. It can even mean that your team works more creatively and that your business builds an excellent reputation. But, it’s not always as easy as simply knuckling down and getting on with things, especially if you’re used to working as an employee under someone else. It can be much more difficult to motivate yourself and your team and to keep everyone on track. Here are some great ways to build productivity in your office, whether you are on your own or have a team of fifty.

Keep it Light

Dark walls and soft lights can look great. They can create a moody atmosphere and set the tone of your decor. But, this isn’t what you want in the office. Dark lighting can make you feel sluggish and tired. Instead, keep things bright to inspire creativity and keep everyone alert and focused on their work. In a large office space, bright industrial lighting can be an excellent idea.

You should also keep your walls and furniture light. Include plenty of white space, but decorate with pops of bright color and fun plants and artwork.

Take Regular Breaks

When you’ve got a lot to do, it can be tempting to skip breaks entirely and work through lunch. But, this is usually a mistake. Trying to work too hard for too long can mean that you end up working much slower than you would after a rest.

Give yourself regular short breaks, and switch tasks occasionally. Even go for a short walk around the block or pop to the shops to clear your head, restore your concentration and get your blood pumping. Allow your staff the same short breaks and give them a chance to chat over a coffee and they are much more likely to keep focus when they are working.

Write Lists

Lists are such a simple way to organize your time and keep yourself focused. But, it’s also one of the most effective and satisfying. At the start of every day, sit down and write yourself a to-do list. Cross tasks off when they are completed, and add things as they come up.

Try to be Flexible

If you work on your own, it’s easy enough to work when you are at your best. But, it’s important to remember that we don’t all work well at the same times of the day. Some of your staff will be early risers that feel more focused earlier in the day. They’ll feel better if they are free to pick their kids up from school, and so they’ll be more focused when they are at work. Others will prefer to work later in the day. Try to be as flexible with your team as your business allows.