Give Back to Boost Your Business

Gratitude can be a powerful marketing tool as well as being fulfilling and worthwhile in its own right. Consumers will choose to buy from a business they know helps charities rather than one that doesn’t. It is said that this is partly because they feel they are indirectly helping a charity by giving the business the funds to provide the help, and partly because they feel that if a business cares enough to help others, they will care about their customers too.

Which Charities Do You Want To Help?

The first thing to do is to decide which charities you want to help. Some small business owners and freelancers have had personal experience of problems within their own circle of family and friends. If a charity has helped someone they are close to, it is often the one they will choose to support.

There are of course the huge charities such as Oxfam and Feeding America, but there are usually small local ones that rely on donations and volunteers as well.

How Can Your Business Help?

There are two main ways you can help any charity. You can give them money or give them your time. Cash donations are always welcome but sometimes volunteers are crucial to the smooth running of a charity too.

You could commit a few hours each week to a particular project, and even involve your employees if they are willing. Just as an example, you could organize a community event that will be fun for everyone to attend and raise cash at the same time. Commercial tent rental can make this a simple option, because no matter what the weather, your event will not be ruined, and you won’t have to spend too much money to make a success of things.

There is also the option of sponsoring a local team. Football teams for the local children are a great idea to help keep the children occupied and healthy. However, they are generally underfunded. A football kit with your name on is a win for the team and for your business.

In fact, any type of cash donation or giving of your time in the local community will win you support for your business in return.

Happier Employees

Research has shown that employees that get involved in these things respect their bosses for trying to help those less fortunate, and they will always work harder for someone they respect. This could lead to increased production and more profits that you can help your chosen charity from.

Tax Relief

Although this is probably the last thing on the mind of a donator, the IRS does allow tax relief on some charitable donations. The donation has to be to a charitable organization rather than a person, and that same rule applies whether you donate cash or part of your inventory. Although you cannot claim for any time you give, you can get tax relief on certain expenses you incur because of volunteering. You should let your accountant know what you have done so they can check out if yours qualifies.

The one result that is often ignored when you give to charity is that it will make you feel good that you are actually making a difference to the lives of people that need help.