How to Make Your Office Extra Eco-Friendly



Most companies know that they have a duty to be environmentally friendly. It’s good for the planet, good for the business, and good for customer relations; studies have shown that more than ever, customers want their companies to be socially conscious, especially customers in the younger generation. While things like switching to more energy efficient light bulbs and going paperless are good starts, to really show off your eco credentials, you need to go the extra mile. Below, we take a look at various ways you can make your office a beacon of environmentally friendly practices.

Rideshare Schemes

You’ve got twenty-five employees (let’s say). That means you’ve likely got twenty-five cars all making their way to your office every day, and then making the return journey once the working day is finished. That’s a large carbon footprint, no matter how you look at, especially when it’s spread over multiple years. But what if there was a way to half your carbon footprint, or even more? There is. It’s called carpooling! Set up a system whereby workers can connect with one enough, and organize journeys to and from work. You can even think of a bonus for people who sign up to the system as an extra incentive to take part.

Charity Days

Your company doesn’t exist all on its own; it’s part of the broader world. And the best way to make the world a better place is to roll up your sleeves and get to work. There’s no shortage of environmentally friendly work that needs to be done. Why not sign your company up for a day of volunteering? A day spent picking up trash from the beach really make a difference (it’ll only end up in the sea otherwise) and will also give your business positive press. Plus, it’ll function as a team bonding exercise.


If you’ve spent any time in modern coworking spaces, you’ll know just how much potential there is for an office to have! As well as relaxation rooms and the like, many are incorporating vegetable gardens on site, which the employees can tend to. This has tonnes of benefits! For starters, it’ll show that you’re in tune with the environment. It’ll also boost worker productivity and happiness. They’re easy to set up, too., providing you already have an exterior area (or roof). You’ll just need things like a vegetable patch, a 5000 litre water tank (for collecting rainwater), and gardening tools. Plus, you’ll be able to eat whatever fruits and vegetables you grow.

Upcycled Furniture

You’re going to need things in your office, of course, like desks, chairs, tables, and of course your electronic equipment. But every time you buy something new, you're increasing the size of your carbon footprint. It takes a lot of energy to make things, even if it’s just a desk! As such, why not look at buying upcycled furniture instead? This has no carbon footprint as it’s second hand, but it looks much better than your usual worn-and-torn second piece item. For your computers, buy refurbished - they’re just as good as new items, and much cheaper, too.