When Running a Small Business, You Can Outfit Your Office How You Like

There’s something quite important about having your own office, especially if this is where you run your own business from. It’s a room of power, of tactical thinking, and of your most dense innovative efforts. When running a small business, you can outfit your office how you like. You’re no long beholden to the rules of a larger corporation. But does this mean you should turn the room into a ball pit and relax with a laptop all day? Well of course not, we do need to give a professional impression to our employees, no matter how much fun this might seem. However, it’s more than fine for you to apply a few novel ideas here and there to keep things fun.

Consider how you might furnish this office to make it truly yours, and to embody the importance an office’s influence on all of us:

A Target

Keeping your targets in mind can be a great idea. It could be that you have in large letters ‘improve the office atmosphere’ above the frame of your door, allowing you to remind yourself of keeping that jovial attitude everytime you leave your office and interact with your staff members. It could be you purchase a board from the dart shop and place a print-out image of a rival CEO on it, someone you hope to best at the end of the fiscal year. A little immature maybe, but good fun. Reminding yourself of the mini-victories you hope to achieve can mean plenty in the long run, so be sure to care for it with a little humor and somewhat direct wording or imagery.

A Visionary Motto

A visionary motto can serve as a target, sure. But sometimes, it can serve as something much more ambitious and inspirational. You might have a quote such as ‘A man who has a why to live for can bear any how,’ as once said by Nietzsche. If you’re hoping for something a little more humorous, ‘A diamond is merely a lump of coal that did well under pressure,’ often works quite well. Having this rendered in relatively heightened lettering across your office can help you keep an aphorism like this in mind from day to day, and it might be that you switch this out each and every month. There’s nothing quite like positive reinforcement.

The Chairs

The chairs can be an important method of arranging the social experiences of your office. You might purchase a beautiful king-sized leather sofa for your desk. Naturally. But you also might purchase chairs for staff to meet with you on, perhaps one or two for those who are hoping to speak with informally or respectfully (comfortable,) and one uncomfortable chair you motion to when disciplining staff or trying to ensure their conduct is not appreciated. A small sofa can ensure those who have to wait outside your office can do so in relative comfort. The chairs influence a power play in a room, so it’s important to consider how to arrange yours.

With these tips, your small office will be perfect for you.