The Mommy Marketer: How To Mix Two Important Jobs

Being a mom is the most important job in your world right now, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for other things. Once the survival training is over and motherhood starts to settle down, there is a yearning to get back out there. Thankfully, it’s never been easier to return to the workplace, whether that’s an office or your living room.

Still, trying to mix a job with taking care of a child full-time is tricky. How are you going to complete the basic tasks, such as marketing and advertising? The answer is by getting creative. Here’s what you need to know about being a mommy marketer.

Everyone’s A Customer

Okay. Not everybody is going to be interested in your brand. The key to advertising is choosing a base and trying to get them to convert. You have a demographic, now all you need to do is show them the content. Pushing a baby in a stroller might not seem like the ideal moment, yet looks can be deceiving. Moms are forever walking past potential clients and customers as they run errands and bond with their kids. All it takes is an Alpha card or a social media plug to get people interested. Listen out for conversations in the coffee shop and the supermarket and but in if you think you can add value.

Your Car Is The Internet

Nowadays, the internet has become the gold standard for marketers everywhere. With a digital presence, it’s straightforward to increase traffic and boost your conversion rate. Well, there is another asset at your disposal which is as effective: the car. Put a wrap on your vehicle and passers-by will see it as you cruise by with a baby on board. Because moms do more driving than most, it’s a cheap and reliable way to advertise. Also, put messages on the windows for motorists who look for “baby on board” signs.

Moms Are Often Gossips

Yes, the stereotype is usually true and you should use it to your advantage. A gaggle of mothers like nothing more than to talk about the latest rumors and this is a good thing. As long as they are twittering about you and your brand, then the whole community will hear about you in a matter of days. Forget about social media because moms are the holders of the keys. Try and tailor it to their needs to get their attention and to start the ball rolling.

Childcare Is Essential

Not everything you do with your child is an opportunity. Sometimes, you have to focus on being a mom and only a mom. So, it’s essential to create time for the other aspects of your life. Otherwise, the business will stagnate and fall apart. With childcare, whether it’s a couple of hours a week, you’ll have the option to be a working mother. A playschool is an excellent option, especially for the mornings, or the grandparents might be able to help for an hour or two.

The question is – are you a multitasker?