Business Exterior: Creating the Best First Impression

Picture by  Hello I’m Nik

Picture by Hello I’m Nik

With the influx of customers, you receive on a daily basis, your customers and clients are consciously or subconsciously judging your business. From the sales rep, they spoke to on the phone about ordering a light fitting, to your website advertising your web design services the entrance to your business is no exception.

A consumers judgment of your company shall aid them to determine what they think about your professionalism and integrity, to decide whether they will buy a product or service from you.

For businesses who require consumers to visit the premises regularly, it would be advantageous to gear your attention towards investing in the outside image. This will help to entice new customers and leave a great first impression.

Analysis of Your Entrance

For an honest opinion on the exterior of your restaurant, salon or boutique why not ask customers? By noting down what customers do and don’t like, you can use this opinion to your advantage to help you better understand how you can improve your entrance to appeal to new customers and maintain existing ones. Consider the below key areas when you are probing your customers for their ideas on how to make your entrance more appealing.


On average, a third of Americans consumers are reported to judge a business based on how bright, and attractive their sign is, with 29% of consumers choosing to enter a business based on its signage alone.

With that in mind, do you think you have an impressive sign which helps your customers navigate with ease to your businesses location? Does the sign instill your brand? Is it large enough to alert consumers of your presence and does it work well with the other external factors of your business, such as the garden and window displays? If not, it’s essential to seek advice from signwriting professionals to help create an attractive sign to introduce your brand, with the central premise being to stop consumers in their tracks, and inspire curiosity in passersby to potentially lure them into your business. The added benefit being it will help customers journeying to your business specifically to find you with ease.

A clear working sign will help make an impact and present your business in a positive professional light to customers, passers-by and business associates ramping up your first impression score. However, there are still other elements to consider below.


An underestimated feature of a businesses entrance is the interest greenery adds in providing sophistication, beauty, and edge. Which means if you have overgrown pesky shrubs and grass full of weeds galore, a little attention tending the garden shall go along way in helping to provide an inviting entrance.

Tailoring the greenery to suit your business is essential. For instance, a store selling trinkets and costume jewelry within a seaside town may opt for window boxes of pretty poppies, and a few potted plants in terracotta pots. Whereas a millennial marketing agency based in London may choose faux plants in the form of topiary balls, to emulate a clean cut look requiring little to no maintenance.

In addition to greenery, there are other elements you can experiment with to enhance the garden. Such as ornaments in the shape of stainless steel garden spheres, which provide a modern, appealing touch. Or alternatively, rockery, to add depth and layers to the entrance, structured around the greenery or along the pathway.

Window Display

If your windows are looking a little neglected, you can instantly improve their appearance by washing the exterior and the inside of your windows to make them shine.

Following this, you can decide to either present or conceal the inside of your establishment. If you have a wonderfully decorated intimate restaurant, you may choose this to be advertised to passers-by by keeping the windows clear from drapes and ornaments. For businesses handling confidential information, you may wish to conceal the windows from prying eyes with a window film. Window films can be designed in a range of patterns to create an appealing, professional, smart appearance from the exterior.

For more inspiration on how to create an excellent first impression, check out competitors online and in person for ideas that you could attempt to experiment with on your own shop.

Whether to entice new customers into your establishment or create a professional appearance that emulates the voice and style of your brand, the above options are cost-effective solutions for you to enhance your image and make your business pop to help build the best first impression.