Moving House - Tips to Stop It Affecting Your Home Business

The process of moving house can be quite stressful, and that can be even more so if you run a business from home. With these tips, you can reduce any damage that could be caused to your business by moving.

Set Up The Wifi

If your business uses the web, then setting up your wifi is going to be one of the top priorities. It’s best to sort this out as early as possible so that you can time the engineer visiting on the very same day you get the keys to your new place. Getting a date in the diary with these engineers can be tricky so the sooner you get it organized, the better.

Have A Backup Just In Case

The inevitable can happen, and some things are out of your control, which could lead to you not getting the internet when you planned. It’s good to have some sort of backup available so you can still get the access you need. Set up a personal hotspot on your mobile phone or get a dongle that can pick up a network’s local hotspot.

Use A Flexible Removal Company

When picking a removal company, you want commercial movers who can be flexible with your home business. Arrange a call with them a month before the move to get a provisional date in place. Some companies may do multiple stops per day so you might want to pay the extra to have a direct van that picks up from your old property and drives straight to the new one.

Some removal companies are better than others so do your research and go with a reputable one.

Start Packing Up Early

As soon as you know your moving day, you want to start packing straight away. Leave your home office until the morning of moving day, so that you don’t have to be living out of a box when running your business. Make sure you use high-quality packaging for the most valuable items and label any boxes so that it’s easily identifiable for unloading at the other end.

If you own a car, you may want to take anything of great value like a hard drive or documents with you so that you can guarantee their safety and ease some of that stress you might have knowing it’s being transported by a stranger.

Make Your Office A Priority To Unpack

Normally when it comes to unpacking, you’ll have a plan in place of what to unpack first. Make your home office the first thing you unpack when you get into your new home. That way, you can get yourself fully set up before completing the rest of the unpacking. If you’ve moved house before, you’ll know that sometimes it can take days or weeks to unpack. This is obviously not what you want when you have a home business.

Moving house should be an enjoyable experience, so if you take the right precautions and keep organized, your home business shouldn’t be affected in the process.