Business Security Is Simpler Than You Might Think

When we think of business protection, we often think of the high-levels of corporate espionage we see in movies. Perhaps we see a hooded figure crouching and moving in the ventilation shafts in order to take pictures of your new R&D prototype. Perhaps we consider an army of elite hackers outside in a black van, which consequently has been parked there suspiciously for the last month. We might think of an expert social schemer, rising to the top of your business only to be a corporate spy for another firm.

Of course, these considerations rarely happen, if at all. We can’t guarantee they don’t, but the odds are so astronomically unlikely that you needn’t worry about it. But that doesn’t mean your business is free from security concerns. Security concerns are often more basic than that, and require simple solutions. While you should make security a dynamic and updated part of your business strategy, often implementing the following solutions can get you most of the way there:

VPN Logins

VPN logins should be considered among the most useful means of protecting your data online, and encrypting your business traffic. Of course, cybersecurity suites offered by your network host should be viewed with positivity, but that doesn’t mean that they are absolutely necessary. A solid VPN login to your module, access for your most trusted staff members and layers of access applied to different members of your hierarchy can all have an extremely positive effect here, and protect you against the majority of threats. As you grow as a firm you’re of course going to need to ensure your security apparatus can handle complex threats, but as a small business or startup, this is more than enough.

Security Fencing

Good, old fashioned fencing is worthwhile. But modernized fencing is even better. With industrial fencing industrial fencing, you’ll likely be able to outfit your perimeter with protection, heightened against intruders. Using anti-climb paint and other physical measures to prevent unlawful entry can prevent intruders from finding weaknesses in your enterprise, as the entire workplace will be closed off from the first instance. Couple this with solid CCTV, excellent locking and alarm systems, keycards, verified appointment requirements, lanyards and hired security if necessary, and your business will deter 99.9% of potential threats.

Refusing To Broadcast

It sounds like it’s obvious, but sometimes businesses often forget just how easy it is to broadcast that you’re a place of worth. Of course you’re going to have a website and contact information on your building, so it’s not as if you’re going to be completely anonymous. But if you’re a professional tradesman outfit, it can pay to place ‘no tools left on this van’ stickers in your rear window. It can pay to use one-way windows to prevent onlookers checking out the internals of your office at night. It can be worthwhile to use shutters, or to use unmarked or outsourced lorries if necessarily transporting something extremely valuable. Sometimes the best measure against unwanted attention is to stop broadcasting where your value lies.

With these tips, business security is sure to feel simpler than you might think.