Reintroducing Yourself to Clients at the Start of the New Year

At this time of year your clients are probably just as busy as you are. Whether they may be investors, shareholders or partners, they have their own tasks for the coming year to begin. However they are just about finished with the current year as they are finalizing everything, and tightening the bow on their achievements. It's easy for them to kind of forget about you. Not in the bigger picture, but you certainly won’t be on their minds a lot of time as they are summing up their own years, their own accomplishments and their new future goals. They might even be reassessing who and what means most to them in the professional world. Loyalty, friendship, results and a similar vision are all the top things on the list of feasible relationships that need to be furthered. It's about this time of year then, that you should consider introducing yourself to all your clients. Reinvigorate your vision, give them a new sense of yearning to achieve with you and be apart of your journey. Give them new reasons to walk along the path to success beside you. This involves, getting their confidence up but also impressing them with your work ethic.

Two reports into one

During the end of the year season, just before everyone breaks up for Christmas businesses like to make an initial end of year report. The reason why it's only initial is because the results of the final financial quarter of the year will only fully be realized a couple months into the new year itself. Therefore these end of year reports are always summaries of what to expect in the final or real end of year report. These initial reports are pretty much to keep everyone’s morale up and give them a boost of confidence and a figurative slap on the back for a job well done. It's kind of like crossing the finishing line and somebody being there to give you applause. It would lack a certain taste of appreciation if there wasn’t.

So as you can imagine, these end of year reports at the end of December or in the beginning of January are usually very thin. They don’t have a lot of material to them, which gives you the perfect opportunity to renew your relationship with a summary of future goals. You should and can talk about how far along you have come to actually reaching your goals. Like a little progress report, you can put in the details which pertain to facts and figures of how close you have come to achieving something relevant with that client. It might be a partner who signed an agreement that you would be making 200,000 sales of their product in 1 year’s time. Use this chance to sum up how that is going and give them something to take keen interest in. The whole point is to give your clients something positive to read about not just the same old same at the end of the year or in the new year.

Stuff for the cold New Year

Just as the new year is beginning, you should make an impact on your clients that will last them all the way throughout their year. And what better way than to give them something they can use over and over again? Promotional gifts are a great way to be in your client’s mind everyday without actually being there or even making contact. You can order your own customized Mugs with your logo on it and give it to clients as a gift. Since the winter is really just putting it's running shoes on, and January is what many consider the start of this season a mug that can be used for hot drinks etc is a great idea. Thermal mugs are another brilliant idea as these are things all your clients can use in their professional and personal lives at home. With your logo on them, they become pretty much free advertising.

If you want, you can make something that is really special just for this year as a kind of unique gift to all your most important clients. You can make a winter, new year or Christmas scarf for them, again with your logo on it. These can be ordered at customizable clothing shops that will imprint your logo or company name onto the scarf. This is something that everyone will love as they can wear it to work or again in their own personal wear. It also makes for a more impressive gift, and one that will show a little class and caring.

Invitations to events

In the coming year your business will be featuring at various events. These could be about industry developments, where other businesses that are in your sector get together. It might also be that you are featuring as a prominent figure at a small business exhibition. Maybe you are going to be holding an audience at a lecture hall during a very important industry conference or just business in general. These are things that you should make sure your clients are invited to. Not only does this let them know that you are making waves and really being seen as an important voice in your industry, but that your name is being recognized everywhere.

Just as the first couple of weeks of the new year are getting going, you should give out invites to all your clients along with dates, subject matters, information about flights and other travel arrangements. This sets out the year and gives them a chance to mark dates in their calendars. Most importantly, it reaffirms they made the right choice by becoming your client. They are going to these events as invited guests. They have formal reasons to go to these events because they know you and are in business with you. It reminds them why they chose to risk their reputation why you.

Invite them to dinner

Remember that as the new year begins, you should look to meet up again with important clients as soon as you can. They have been away with their friends and families, enjoying their time off and partying. You can engage their focus back onto your goals but do so in a nonchalant manner. Bear in mind that they are just getting back into the swing of things and they aren’t always looking to become immediately involved in something serious such as an expansion meeting.

Simply, invite them to dinner and just engage in casual talk. Talk them to a nice restaurant where they are comfortable have a choice of wonderful food and can relax their shoulders a little. Then in the midst of your conversation your bring up the points you want to. These could be dates throughout the year that will have events, it might be talking about the progress you have made and how you could potentially see improvements being made. Don’t dive too much in detail but let them know of you intentions early on. They are clients that might be investors and they want to know what you have done with their money in the previous year but also how they will stand to make more by sticking with you. Keep a friendly tone and reintroduce them to your vision.

Soon this year will be over and then it's onto bigger and greater things in the world of business. Remind your clients as to why they made the right choice in picking you to do business with. Reintroduce them to your vision, your goals, remind them of your triumphs and make the new year even more exciting and prosperous for them