Take a Break from the Screen and Start Marketing Offline

Online marketing may be cheap and convenient, but it shouldn’t be the only way you promote your business. There are lots of traditional style of marketing that are still just as effective. Here are just a few ways to market your business offline.

Use printed media

Printed media may not be as effective as it once was, but there are times when it can still come in handy. If you need to exchange details with someone fast, handing out a business card is still the best way to do this. Meanwhile, if you want to target people locally, flyers are a great way to raise brand awareness. You can use a print media marketing company to design and create something professional. You can even look into branded merchandise such as pens and mugs.

Host marketing events

Event marketing is a great way to hook in new customers by giving them a memorable experience. It could be a chance to educate people such as a seminar or you could demonstrate your product through a sales conference. If you’re just launching your business, you could even host a launch party as a way of raising initial awareness. Events can take a lot of planning and you’re best hiring a corporate event production company to take the stress away. Make sure to pick an exciting venue and invite key people who you want to convert into customers.

Get in your local newspaper

Getting in your local newspaper is a great way to market yourself. A lot of newspapers have gone online, so this can also count as a form of digital marketing. Most newspapers will want some kind of story if they’re going to run an article on you – if you’re just launching your business or launching a new product, this could be a great angle. You can also pay for advertising space.

Get on your local radio

Local radio is another great way to market yourself online. You could pay to produce a radio advert and get this played on your local radio or you could try and arrange an interview (this is a lot more difficult as only certain shows will do promotional interviews, and you’ll generally need to be addressing some kind of issue or news story).

Harness the power of networking

Networking involves simply meeting new people and forming relationships that could benefit your business. It could be worth looking out for local business groups to join – these are great opportunities to meet fellow local business owners. From here, you can form cross-promotional opportunities or gain influence in certain circles. There could be other social events such as local conferences, trade fairs and seminars where you can meet people. In fact, even personal social events such as weddings, parties and festivals could be opportunities to meet people who could be potential customers or influencers.