Working from Home - It’s an Adventure!

The long commute to work in the winter is pretty much the worst time of the year to do it. Whether you drive yourself or you head there on public transport, it’s always dark when you leave the house and it’s always dark when you come home. It’s just not the nicest way to get to work and back, and you end up feeling totally miserable doing it. You miss out on breakfast with the kids, and bedtime stories. It’s not a nice feeling, and mostly, you’re doing it for someone else because you don't work for yourself. What if you worked from home, instead?

Working from home has its pros and cons in the same way that working in an office does. The thing is, working from home doesn't make you feel like you’re missing out on life in the same way. You could choose to speak to your boss and see whether you could go remote with your job. If it’s desk work and you don’t travel out of the office or attend many meetings, it shouldn't be too much of an issue with the level of communicative software and technology that there is out there now. The last option open to you is to consider taking out a small business loan and starting your own business and working from home. Is it risky? Sure. Could it be worth it? Absolutely. Working from home has its ups and downs but the ups are so worth so much more than a long, grey commute where you are stuck with never seeing the kids. Let’s take a look at some of the best reasons you should absolutely consider the adventure that is working from home.

  • Being able to spend more time with your kids? Priceless and worth every second of working in the home. You get to be a part of their routines and meal times through the day and you get the chance to keep connected with them at every level.

  • There is a very good chance that you could increase your income - if not maintaining it. Working your own business from home is a good way to earn some decent cash, particularly if you are good at what you do. Find that niche and embrace it.

  • You don't have a commute anymore. You should still make an effort to get out of the house at some point during the day, even if just to get some fresh air. Go with the kids on the school run and get some interaction outside of the house, but there’s no more dark commutes for you!

  • Your hours are so much more flexible when you work from home and you get to set your own schedule. As long as your work and deadlines are met, you get the chance to enjoy yourself properly.

  • There is a level of total contentment that comes with working from home. The power you have that you are working for yourself in a way that makes you happy is bigger than you could have imagined - and all that power is yours. Go you!