5 Mistakes New E-commerce Sites Make

Building a business from scratch is hard but building an e-commerce business from scratch is even harder. Every entrepreneur wants to sell something, and most people are selling it online. That means you have a global market to compete with before you’ve even began. To get started on the right foot, avoid these five typical mistakes.

Old Product Descriptions

Many new e-commerce sites will copy product descriptions from other sites word for word. If you’re setting up a new business, you need to have fresh content. Your wording could be the difference between a sale or a shopper leaving the site. If you’re not confident in writing the descriptions for each product yourself, it’s worth hiring a writer to put a new spin on what your viewers are reading. The content should be engaging and intriguing enough to make visitors want to view more and buy products.

Poor Design

A website that isn’t designed well says one thing – untrustworthy. A visitor only takes one glance before deciding whether they trust a website or not. That means your e-commerce site has to look professional. If you want to start selling straight away, don’t attempt to design the website yourself. Even if you have design experience, you can still benefit from outside web development. What visitors look for when viewing a website changes constantly so it’s important to get up to date advice.

Lack of a Business Plan

It sounds like common sense for a business to have a business plan but e-commerce owners are notorious for having no plan in place. It’s easy to think that setting up a website and offering products for sale will result in profit but it’s nowhere near that easy. Why should visitors buy from you and not your competitors? How do you plan on getting people to visit in the first place? Why should buyers come back for more? An e-commerce business is arguably far more difficult to make profit from than any other type of business, so a business plan is vital

Mobile Friendly

Did you know that the majority of people shopping online in the UK and US, along with many other countries in the world, are doing so on their mobile phones? We’re shopping while riding the train to work or while taking a lunch break and the two main devices used are mobiles and tablets. So, if a website isn’t mobile friendly or slow loading for mobiles it’s missing out on sales.

Not Customer Specific

When building a website it’s important to know your audience. If you haven’t got a business plan, you may not have a target audience either. Your website should be designed around what will attract your main audience. It’s no good just making a website look pretty. You need to understand your audience and research their interests and what’s important to them. That’s why it’s so important to have professional advice when it comes to getting your website right from the very start.