Quick Tricks to Sell More Stuff Online

If you’re someone who sells either products or services online, no matter whether you sell a few dozen or a few thousand a month, chances are you want to increase your numbers, make more sales and bring in more money. If that’s the case, there are numerous quick tricks you can employ to meet your aims and boost your business, not to mention your bank balance…

Give Each Product It’s Own Page

Shoppers are far more likely to take a product seriously if it has its own page, so if you are currently displaying numerous products on the one page, with no option to click through to the one the customer is interested in, changing this is a very simple thing you can do to increase sales.

Offer a Decoy Product

If, for example, you are selling a subscription to a magazine, and you have a couple of differently priced options available, say one for online copies only that costs $70 and one for printed and online access that costs $100 it can be useful to offer a third option of printed only also for $100. Why? Because it makes your higher priced subscription option look more reasonable because you are getting more access with that subscription, for the same price as the paper only subscription. By doing this, not only are people more likely to buy, but they are more likely to go for the higher option than the lower one, which doesn’t seem to offer as much value with the other two options in place.

Ensure Your Copy is Unique

Every description for every product and service you sell should be completely unique. This will help your products rank higher in search engines, which will bring more traffic your way, rather than the way of your competitors. If you ensure that your copy is persuasive - hire a writer from www.upwork.com  if you aren’t great at it - then you will have even more opportunities to convert.


Simplify Your Shopping Cart

Last, but by no means least, it’s important that you streamline your payment process https://wemakewebsites.com/blog/5-ways-to-streamline-your-payment-process-for-improved-conversion   so that your shopping cart is very simple to use, and so that your customers can pay with their favored method with ease. If you make it too hard for them to actually buy something, then they will probably give up and go elsewhere, so make it easy and give choice.

Time to start selling like you’ve never sold before!