Why Your Business Needs a Sales Operations Team

Most new businesses go out into the world with a few staff trying to do everything. Maybe even going it alone as a sole trader. Then, over time, with a little luck and a lot of hard work things start to grow, and you find yourself in a position to hire more staff and to create a team. You might start to hire marketing professionals or accountants. Either outsourcing work to freelancers or hiring in-house teams. But, when it comes to sales, most businesses stick to salesmen and women. They train them up and develop their customer service skills, but they fail to think about what should be going on behind the scenes.

Modern businesses need a sales operations team to be successful. Without this vital back of house team, your sales team can flounder, without the knowledge and information that they need to do their jobs as well as you need them to. Here are just some of the reasons that your business needs a sales operations team to do well.

Setting Realistic Goals

A big part of running your business effectively is planning and goal setting. Many companies fail because they set wildly realistic goals without any clear idea of how they are going to get there. This means that their business plans and financial forecasts are largely fiction, with no hope of ever coming to fruition.

A sales operations team can help you to set realistic goals. They can do the behind the scenes groundwork like researching the market and looking at the competition. They can then set realistic sales goals for both the long-term and the coming period. As a business owner, this knowledge can help you to build forecasts and plans that can help you.

Giving Your Sales Staff the Tools They Need

One reason sales staff fail is not having what they need to do their jobs well. This can be physical tools like advertising materials and order pads, but also the knowledge and training that they need to do well. Sales operations staff can help you to identify what your sales staff need to be better at their jobs.

Monitoring Data

When it comes to sales, data is key. You need to know individual sales, as well as team totals. You need to know when you sell and when you don’t. You should be aware of what times of the day your store is busy and when it’s not. All of this data can help you to make improvements and get your staffing levels right, saving you money in the process. That’s a lot of data to manage when a sales operations team could be doing it for you.

Defining Sales Strategy

A big part of the sales operations role is determining your sales strategy, monitoring it and finding ways to update and improve when needed, using all that data and research that they collect.

Organizing Your Team

A lack of organisation is another reason that business fail and sales staff flounder. Your sales operations team can help you to organise your sales staff, putting them in the right places at the right times, and aligning their needs with your goals.