Anatomy of the Perfect Uber Driver

The gig economy has revolutionized the way in which we get about these days. For those of us who live in busy towns and cities, this means that we no longer have to shell out a small fortune in overpriced taxis that vary enormously in quality. The Uber revolution has made it cheaper and quicker for those of us in a hurry to get about. With more owner drivers on the road than your average taxi service can afford to employ there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to get a friendly driver at your door in minutes and more than likely save you money, charging you a fraction of the cost of a taxi.

Yet, while studies show that consumers are better off using Ubers than taxis, that’s not to say that Uber use is not without its horror stories both from the point of view of drivers and passengers. While the system is far from perfect it does build in measures for accountability through its ratings system both to ensure the safety of passengers and drivers and to ensure that drivers are duly rewarded for excellent performance. But while the star rating system may be useful, it’s also a good ideas to know what to look for in the perfect Uber driver. Here are some tips inspired by one of the best in the world

They put your safety before their speed… Every time

All passengers want to get to their destination quickly. But only the most irresponsible of drivers will put getting to the destination quickly ahead of their passengers’ safety. A great driver won’t drive in a way that makes you want to put the number of a good Uber Accident Attorney on speed dial. They will drive efficiently, using a well considered route and drive responsibly to get you where you need to be on time. It really is one of those tortoise and hare situations!

They will smile

A smile can make a universe of difference in a person’s life and they will know appreciate this. There are lots of service professionals of all kinds these days who simply don’t care… And why would they? They’re often underpaid, underappreciated and overworked. But a great Uber driver won’t just smile because their tips depend on it but because customer service is important to them. They know what a smile, a friendly demeanor and a welcoming presence mean to you and the difference they can make in the life of a stranger.

They will go above and beyond

Finally, most Uber drivers will have their air conditioned for a temperate climate, have nice music playing in the background and its a minimum requirement that they maintain a clean and pleasant interior for their vehicles. However there are some, like Mohammad the highest rated Uber driver in Europe who go the extra mile. They supply newspapers and bottled water for their passengers’ comfort and convenience and if you have a headache they will even have some packets of aspirin or paracetamol on standby.