Fostering Customer Confidence: 4 Key Strategies

Trust, it's a big deal in all areas of life, but when it comes to the relationship between your business and your customers it's paramount! After all, if potential or previous customers don't trust you, you are going to struggle to achieve a viable business income, because no one will be buying your products. To that end, check out the tactics below to help improve customer confidence, and that will hopefully secure the longevity and success of your business.

Consider your online presence

It is no exaggeration to say that a growing number of sales transactions occurs online. With this being the case, it is crucial to be aware that your online presence represents an essential opportunity to improve customer confidence in a number of ways.

The first is to ensure the security of the site that your run is top notch. After all, customers will be put off if they do not feel their personal data or their financial information is not be guarded with care. One strategy that can improve this is to get an ssl certificate for ecommerce website which will enable you to display the https prefix before your URL. Something that quickly and clearly signifies to your customers that your site is safe and that any data submitted is encrypted form your end to theirs and cannot be eavesdropped upon by anyone else.

Of course, there are other ways to foster customer confidence online as well, including using a secure payment provider for all transactions such as Paypal or Apple Pay, as well as providing accurate descriptions and images that reflect what product the customer will receive.

After all, receiving an item that looks nothing like what you were expecting isn't only a disappointing experience, but can make people feel like they have been taken advantage of. Not something that will inspire confidence, good review, or repast sale in the future, and so can be harmful to the long-term success of your business.

Do what you say you will

Next, when it comes to fostering customer confidence online and in the real world, it's vital that you do what you say you will. This relates to things like delivery times, getting problems sorted out quickly and efficiently, and any other services you have agreed to.

After all, anyone can promise the world to close a sale or to make their brand stand out among all of the others, but delivering on such commitments, is another matter. Therefore its can often be better only to promise realistic things, and be diligent about delivery these, as then your customers will know that you are as good as your word.

Humanize your brand

Also, while there is a significant trend for automation in both the physical and online worlds, remember that what customers really feel most comfortable with is peop

To that end, providing real people to help with queries and empathize with irate customers when something goes wrong is a good idea. It can even be useful to use real people as representatives of your company in adverts, and on social media when it comes to fostering a greater sense of confidence, as they can be much easier to relate to.

Be real

Mistakes happen, whether you are the best company in the world or the worst. However, what tends to separate the two is that the best businesses admit to, apologize for, and actively seek to change the culture of their company to prevent the same mistake happening over again.

In fact, to foster customer confidence, it is essential that as a company you seek out feedback and actively use this to develop your products and processes.

Happily, there are many quick and easy ways customers can leave feedback for you to use. One method is by leaving reviews, 100% of which are unlikely to be positive.

Expect some reviews to be negative and use them to foster customer confidence.

Don't sweat it though if you get ‘bad’ feedback on an independent review site because it's actually an opportunity and not a threat. In fact, you not only can use the feedback to address any problems that are likely to upset other customer and so could lose you money but also use the reply to show that you are willing to be real, admit when you went wrong and work to change things.

Something that will convince others that are reading this feedback that while you are not perfect, you are a good company that cares about its customers. Therefore fostering customers confidence in the fact that you are a good choice in which they can choose to spend their hard earned money.