Super Storage Ideas for Home Based Businesses

If you run your own business from home, you probably have a small office crammed into the spare bedroom. Sound familiar? This is the usual office setup for most home-based freelancers. Even though you won’t need a lot of room, this still isn’t ideal, especially if you are struggling for storage space.

Do you wish you had a bit more room to stretch out in your office? Well, with all of these following super storage ideas, you should find that your home-based businesses organization becomes a lot smoother!

Look For Document Management Solutions

Firstly, it’s worth looking for some document management solutions that you can utilize in your company. Thankfully, there are lots of firms that can help you with this for a very reasonable price. Most of them will be able to help you integrate solutions such as cloud storage so that you can minimize all of the paperwork lying around your desk. When most of your contracts and documents are digital, you will have hardly any paperwork to store in your small office!

Go Vertical

Ideally, you need as much off your floor as possible. The more floor space that is taken up, then the less cluttered your home office will feel. So, if you have a lot of storage units on the floor, it’s a good idea to swap them for vertical bookshelves and shelving units. Vertical storage is a very efficient use of space and will put more of your stuff at eye level so it is easier to search through.

Write A To-Do List Every Day

Mental clutter can be just as bad as physical clutter. If your mind is all over the shop, then you might forget where you have placed essential items and paperwork. So, it’s a good idea to write yourself a to-do list at the start of each day. This gives you the chance to focus and think about what you need to achieve. It’s also the perfect time to find anything out of your storage that you might need throughout the day so you don’t end up wasting time later.

Do a Weekly Clean Up

The messier your office becomes, the more disorganized your storage will be. So, you need to have a clean up at least once a week. During the cleaning, you should go through your storage and throw out any old or unused items or paperwork that you no longer need. It can be ever so easy to stuff things in drawers and cupboards when you are busy, and taking the time to sort through everything ensures that you don’t end up wasting space storing things that you no longer need.

Go Digital

To try to minimize all your paperwork, you should go digital. When you receive an invoice, simply scan it so you have a digital copy. This can be stored on the cloud. There’s then no need to keep the paper copy.

Hopefully, your office becomes a lot more organized after using these handy tips!