Tech Hacks That Will Help You to Disconnect and Get a Better Work and Life Balance

When you’re a busy mom and you are working, there are a lot of things to do and to organise. Without careful planning, your days can feel like they are running away from you, and can make you feel a little overwhelmed with all that needs to get done. Because the work doesn’t stop when you get home from work. The good news is that there are so many things in this day and age that we are blessed with, and one of those things is technology. We can really use it to our advantage to make sure that we are able to get a better work and life balance.

So here are some of the things that can help you to achieve that, as well as help you to be more focused and productive (as we all know that technology can be a massive time-waster too). Is there anything else that you would add to the list?

Adjust Email Settings

On your laptop or your phone it can be easy to get distracted from the task in hand, when you have notifications that keep popping in, as well as emails that pop up. But the good news is that many devices have settings that you can adjust. Change the settings on the apps you have on your phone like Facebook (so that you don’t get distracted when Aunt Kath tags you in another cat meme). In iOS, you can also change the settings so that you can set up a list of the emails that you’ll get notified of. So in your workday, you could just set up your manager’s email to alert you, and then the rest can be looked at later, but you won’t get distracted by them pinging in.

Internet on the Go

If you have a commute to work (that doesn’t involve you driving), then it can be helpful to get several different tasks done on your way into work or way home. From going through emails to organizing the calendar, you will have plenty to fill your time. Then when you are home, you can focus on the kids. It could be useful to get something like an Iridium Go device, to create an internet hotspot for this kind of thing, or you could find out more info about it here. Other than that, you could get a phone contract with a better data package, so that you can get it all done on your commute.

Out of Sight Out of Mind

For many of us, we won’t have a separate phone for our work and home life. So all of the apps can fade into one. And if you see notifications from your work apps like your emails, and it is a Saturday morning, will you be tempted to have a look? If you are the kind of person that would be tempted, then you need to turn that off! So think about creating a separate group for your work apps, and then store them on a separate home page. Then when they are out of sight, they will be out of your mind, until they need to be again on Monday morning.