The Habits of a Successful Mom Boss

Being a mom and entrepreneur can feel like sometimes you need superpowers. There is a lot to organize and arrange, as well as that elusive work and life balance that you are always aiming to get right. It can be hard to switch off when you’re running a business of your own, as well as the fact that you want to spend quality time with your children. It can feel overwhelming, and sorry to say, that the busy feeling won’t leave, and the to-do list rarely is empty. But the good news is that if you want to be a successful mom boss, you can make things more manageable. There are daily habits that you can adapt to help you to manage the workload that you have, as well as tips that you can take on board, to make sure that your life at home is going well, as well as life with your business.

If you work from home, then it can be even more of a struggle (or juggle, as it is for a lot of parents that work and run businesses). So here are some top tips for mom bosses that work from home, so that you can enjoy life better, and stop feeling like you’re always rushing to catch up. Is there anything else that you think could work? It would be great to hear from you.

Get Organized

Sometimes the simple things are what work. And one of those things is being more organized. If you take an hour out of your Sunday evening, before the work week starts, you can make plans, put thing in your calendar, and generally check where you are for the week. What appointments or meetings do you have this week? What about the kids? Are there specific deadlines that you need to meet? When you look at an overview of the week it makes it easier to fill the gaps with what you will do and when. Even scheduling things like when you are going to check emails is the best way to do things, rather than just doing things as and when. You know what the plan is, and it helps you to stay focused.

Meal Prepping

If you are short on time, then just grabbing takeout can be a tempting thing to do for you and the kids. But if you want to feel good, eat well, and have plenty of energy, then this kind of thing needs to only happen occasionally. Instead, meal planning can help you to know what you are doing and when. It can help you to plan your meals, reduce waste, and fit around other things that you are doing. For example, if you know you’ve got a particularly busy day on a Tuesday with after school clubs or appointments, then planning in a meal that is quick to make is going to make sure that you stick to the plan (a complex dish when you’ve got no time to make it is never going to happen). It can save you money too.

Get Help Where Needed

There are so many things that you do as a mom boss, as you wear many ‘hats,’ so to speak. So getting the help that you need from time to time is nothing to be ashamed of. If it means your work is less stressful, and your home life can be better time with the kids, then it is going to be worth it. That could come in the form of a cleaner for your home, or perhaps for work you could look to hire a virtual assistant. They can do things remotely like admin, bookkeeping, posters, SEO, and other needs that your business needs. You could also look for a virtual receptionist that could help with answering calls, directing them, and taking messages for you. All the while freeing up time for you to make the big business decisions that help you to grow your business.

Wake Up Before The Kids

Some days this will be the last thing that you want to do, but it is all about balance. But where possible, get up before the kids. You can get ready in peace, and start your mindset for the day in a good way. You can organize things for school, or even get some admin or meal prep done in that time; whatever you need to help the day to go well and help you to focus on what is important that day.