What it Means to be a Calm, Cool and Collected Manager

You absolutely adore running your own business; it has been your passion for a number of years and everything it working out exactly as you would have hoped. When it comes to being a credible manager you feel a little nervous at the thought of it. Hiring your own employees has always been in the back of your mind and you think the time has come to finally make it happen. Before you hire your first member of staff there are a few things you should know about being a good manager. Take all of this advice on board and your new employees are going to love working for you.

Terrific Training

Being a good manager means that you can train and cater for people of all different levels. By training and teaching employees in different ways you will get more out of them, by playing to their competence levels. Don’t try to rush somebody into learning a new skill who isn’t quite ready. Give them time to organically adjust to their role and they will soon be on board and ready to learn.

An Understanding Nature

All of us have personal problems, but when you are a manager your employee’s problems also become your own. Make sure you are always kind and understanding to everybody’s issues, especially when they choose to confide in you. Offer support and make sure they always feel comfortable coming to talk to you about anything. If something is preventing them from doing their job properly, it is up to you to help them overcome it.

A Firm, but Fair Outlook

Trying to be a firm but fair manager can be tricky for many people; you have a job to do, but you always have to consider the feelings of your employees. Always try to find a balance between your business minded nature and your kind heart, you will find it a lot easier than you think.

Employees Best Interests at Heart

You should always want the best for the people who work for you, so always have their best interests at heart. Put them up for promotions and offer to help them reach their personal career goals. The sign of a good manager is always one who genuinely cares for the people who work for them. Get stuck into tasks and help your team out if they are ever struggling; you will always be a more popular boss if you adapt this type of approach.

Take yourself back to the time when you used to work in an office under management. Did you like your boss? Did you enjoy their management style? If you can become the manager you always wished you had then you will be on the right track to success. Always listen to their problems, adapt to each individual and use training techniques that are going to prove successful for each person. As long as you can keep their best interests in mind at all times, you will be a top manager and people will be rushing over to work for your company.