Project Management Should Be About More Than Morning Meetings

Any manager knows the importance of a morning business meeting. This is a fantastic chance to both check in  and set tasks for the day. When it comes to project management, it’s also likely the only time you find out what your teams have been doing. Hence, you could say it’s the most crucial aspect of the day.

But, when it comes to project management, it takes more than this to keep things afloat. If morning meetings are the only time you check in, you may soon find that you’re unhappy with the results. And, it’s no surprise. Eight hours is a long period in which to let staff get on with things. A foot in the wrong direction early in the day could see them miles from where you expect at the next morning meeting.

To stop unpleasant morning surprises, then, consider these day-long precautions to keep every project running smooth.

Facilitate in-project communication

You need to ensure your team communicates with both you and each other through the day. Even when working together on projects, staff may head to their workstations and not talk to each other. When they then come together in the morning meeting, they may find they've been working at odds for hours. To make sure it doesn’t happen, install apps like Slack. These ensure staff can communicate without having to leave their desks. With separate chat rooms for each project, this also enable you to keep up with everything. You may also want to turn to companies like Sabio, who offer IT support including hosted email services. A hosted email platform allows collaborating team members to share important emails as they arrive. Whatever happens, their communications need to extend beyond their mornings.

Let them know your door is open

It’s also crucial you let each team member/project team know your door is open through the day. Failure to do this could result in their holding off asking until morning meetings. And, as we’ve already discussed, that could spell disaster for the project as a whole. Instead, make sure everyone knows to come to you if they’re in doubt, irrelevant of the time of day. This also ensures you don’t face a barrage of requests each morning, thus allowing you to spread your workload across the day.

The end of day wrap up

We’re not suggesting you host both a morning and evening meeting.  That would be too much for anyone to keep on top of. But, it wouldn’t hurt to do a quick wrap up before you all leave the office. This can take any form you fancy. It may even be that you keep it as simple as asking for a progress update on the chat apps we’ve mentioned here. Either way, getting up to date with where a project is will give you a headstart on delegation for the next day. That allows you to keep your cool, while also making sure your morning meetings are a more efficient time for everyone.