Put Your Hand in Your Pocket for IT or Face These Unexpected Expenses

You don’t need a degree to work out that tech breakdowns are bad news in modern business. In a world where everyone operates online, companies need to become computer whizzes if they want to keep up. That’s the way this business cookie crumbles nowadays. So, if you’re offline for whatever reason, your business could soon suffer for it.

Hence why many ,managers are now turning to companies like Providyn, who offer outsourced managed IT services for businesses to help keep things afloat. Services like these track and address tech issues before they become problems. Thus, they ensure you never fall foul of the ups and downs technology can bring. Managers in big enough offices may also opt to hire in-office repair personnel. Again, this allows them to address issues like these promptly.

Admittedly, there is a flat monthly fee for options like these. Still, taking these steps could ensure you save money in the long run. To prove how, consider the following costs you could face if a breakdown did leave you offline.

Wasted salaries

First, note that you still have to pay staff for the time they spend in the office. Whether they can get on with their jobs or not is down to you providing the right tools. And, a tech breakdown definitely doesn’t count as providing what you should. Even an hour long breakdown will see you delegating tasks which serve no other purpose than to plug the gaps while you wait for repairs. If the breakdown is office-wide, that could mean spending a fortune on wasted salaries. And, you can bet your team will get pretty cheesed off with it, too. Their workload won’t go anywhere during these delays, after all. If this happens often enough, it could even be the cause for losing team members down and having to pay to replace them.

Lost customers

When operating an online shop, an in-office breakdown would also leave you unable to sell. This is because your online server could also flatline. And, if this happens, it can cost you in vast amounts of custom. For one, anyone visiting your site during that period will be unable to purchase what they want. You’ll also find that those customers don’t bother returning because they’re unimpressed by that first visit. Thus, you not only lose these sales but future sales which could have come from the same customers. We dread to think how much money that could work out at over time!

The expense of one-time repair

Some companies offer quick one-time repairs for breakdowns like these. They’re useful, and they could save your working day when you need it most. But, the simple fact is that services like these can fast get pricey. In general, you’ll find that each repair costs about the same amount you would pay for a regular IT service. Add that to all the other costs of not putting plans in place here, and you’ll be out of pocket faster than you can say ‘IT’.