Preparing For The Worst When Your Probing Emails Hit The Mark

Anyone going into business alone needs big dreams. If you fail to envision yourself succeeding, there’s little point putting the work in. Still, most of our wildest success-filled fantasies take years to come true, if they ever do at all.

Far from having to turn away never ending custom, most businesses are littered with lulls and difficulties. Rather than having customers at your door, you’ll often have no choice but to send probing emails to potential big clients. And, in most cases, those emails will remain unread.

But, that’s not to say that reaching out for business never works. If you send emails like these for long enough, there’s a chance someone will spot you before pressing the trash button. Even if they aren’t sold, they may send an email back asking for a little more information.

Hearing your email ping with that incoming message will be your business highlight thus far. Know, too, that a busy person in big business has taken the time to respond to an email from you. As such, you need to sell your socks off and keep this conversation alive. Which is why you don’t want any setbacks when it comes to sending your reply. Read on, then, to find out about the things you DON’T want to happen when that exciting email comes through.

Your systems crash the moment you receive a reply

The email ding sounds, and you see the name of the sender. Right before your screen goes blank. Don’t these things always happen at the worst times? The good news is, emails aren’t instant messages. Still, you shouldn’t take longer than a few hours to respond. If you haven’t replied by the next day, you can probably kiss goodbye to progress. To make sure that doesn’t happen, then, turn to managed services in this department. By outsourcing something like this, you can ensure you have someone monitoring your computer’s health at all times. You also then have the option of repairs the moment something happens. The sooner you get back up and running, after all, the sooner you can get that email ball rolling again.

Their reply goes straight in your junk folder

Email junk folders are marvelous things. They weed out the rubbish so that you don’t have to. The trouble is, computers are only able to do this in simplistic ways. There is a chance, then, that a message from a new sender will land in your junk, buried under emails about the inheritance you’ll receive if you only click this link. And, that means you won’t be able to reply. Aside from seeing you missing out, issues like these will leave you blacklisted. So, do everything you can to make sure it doesn’t happen. Your best bet would be to add the email to your contacts list the moment you send a probing message to them. You may also want to take a quick look in the junk folder at least once a week, just to be sure.